Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What are Changeable Letters?
A.) The word changeable indicates that the sign letters are removable and can be arranged to spell out a particular message, as opposed to being permanently mounted. Changeable letters are letters manufactured with superior grade of Acrylic or polycarbonate material. They are flat, rigid and are screen printed in various sizes, colors & styles. Changeable letters has the power to turn passersby into shoppers.
Q.) What is a Font?
A.) A style of letters and numerals which conform to a specific set of design criteria. Industry standard font styles are: Modern (Solid), ADM (Solid), AD (Shaded, 3-D look), Condensed (Solid-30% narrow), Broadway (Theater style), QI-Glo (Reverse) & Gas Station Pricing Numerals (Petroleum style numerals).

Q.) What is a Font Kit?
A.) A combination or set of characters proportionately structured (more vowels then consonants) and designed for your sign usage needs. A standard font kit includes letters only. A commercial font kit includes both letters and numerals.

Q.) What size letters do I order?
A.) Take out your ruler and measure the actual copy size NOT the overall plastic panel size to determine what size to order (example: if you order an 8”, you will receive a 8” copy on a 9 7/8” panel). To determine the panel size, you will measure from the top of the panel to the bottom of the panel. If it’s possible to Xerox, you can fax a copy of the letter to us at #562-259-9874, and we can help you determine the actual style and size for you. Include your company name and contact person so we can get back to you immediately.

Q.) What are the standard sizes available?
A.) Each product line is available in different sizes. Please refer to our catalog or product flyers for specifications and availability for each product. Also, feel free to call your customer representative at any time to help determine which size is best for your signage needs.

Q.) Are the prices in your catalog list or net?
A.) Prices in our catalog and brochures are list prices only. Sign Companies receive 50% off from the list price on stock items (4” -10”) & 40% on all other items.

Q.) Does Quality Image require a minimum quantity order?
A.) No, you can order any quantity needed.

Q.) Can I use a charge card to place my order?
A.) Absolutely! We have several ordering options available. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you already have an established account with Quality Image, just fax, email or call in your order.